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Friday, October 28, 2016

Buck Wild Tortilla Chips

Buck Wild Tortilla Chips

Bold snacks.
Exciting snacks.
Unbelievably good snacks.
Snacks with real ingredients like whole grains, seeds and cheese.
That's what we believe in.
And that’s why we snack the path less ordinary.
Growing up, I always ate Doritos when I wanted a tortilla chip. Nacho Cheese was the ‘go-to’ flavor until 1986, when the Cool Ranch flavor came out. Since then, I’ve sampled many of the new flavors when they eventually made their way to BiLo Markets in PA and now, our local Shurfine stores.

Eventually, for a while, I had to give up eating Doritos/tortilla chips, since they weren’t playing well with my oral issues. But now that the issues are resolved to the point where I can eat them, I was VERY excited when Buck Wild agreed to send some samples to me for review.

I was fortunate enough to receive 5 of their 6 flavors for this review. Let’s have a look at the flavors.

^^what I received^^

The roasted tomato seasoning is pretty outstanding. But it’s the silent H in herb that will really sneak up on you.

Reminded me of a tortilla chips dipped in either marinara or a heavily-herbed spaghetti sauce. I could really taste oregano on these, but it played superbly with the tomato flavor. Neither one overpowered the other.
TASTE: 8.5/10

Real jalapeño. Real cheese. No faking it. If Jalapeño Jack was an action movie star, he'd definitely do his own stunts.

If you’ve ever had the Lance’s Captain's Wafers Jalapeno Cheddar Sandwich Crackers, then you pretty much know what these taste like, just crunchier.
Where I think they differ from the Lance’s crackers is these chips have actual bits of jalapeño is the actual chips. These make the chips even HOTTER than the sandwich crackers. I usually shy away from things with jalapeño peppers in them, because they make my acid reflux have flareups, but these were SO good, it was worth it to have a fiery throat!
This was my favorite flavor we were sent!
TASTE: 10/10

A kiss of garlic. A hit of salt. That's like surfing a wave of salty garlicky goodness.

Vampires need not apply here! I really couldn’t taste the sea salt on these chips; I mainly tasted what I thought was a garlic Italian salad dressing. I normally don’t eat garlic straight, since that’s TOO much of a garlic flavor for me, but this has JUST enough garlic flavor for me to be delicious!
TASTE: 9/10

We’re not saying Sea Salt Tortilla Chips make the world go round, but we’re not not saying it.

Now these I COULD taste the salt on… and boy, were they loaded! Not saying that’s a bad thing, but these chips tasted JUST like a saltier version of a Tostitos plain tortilla chip. In all actuality, If I were to take a blind taste test between plain tortilla chips, I don’t think I could tell these from Tostitos chips.
TASTE: 9/10

Cheesy. Chippy. Smoky. Spice. Say it three times and you might just start an epic party. But don't say we didn't warn you.

I’m not even sure how to describe these. They tasted like a Spicy Nacho Dorito chip dipped in Cheez Whiz/Ragu Cheddar cheese sauce, just without the drippy mess Cheddar cheese sauce makes. I really liked these as well. I think this was my 2nd favorite flavor we were sent.
TASTE: 9.75/10

As I said above, My personal favorite flavor was the Jalapeño Jack flavor. Mama Melissa also liked the Jalapeño Jack flavor the best.

One thing I like a LOT with Buck Wild chips is that they are diabetic friendly. With Mama Melissa being considered pre-diabetic, she is watching her sugar intake. All the Buck Wild chips we sampled are under the 3g of sugar Mama Melissa will allow in her foods, with most of them have less than 1g of sugar. Two flavors, Sea Salt and Jalapeño Jack, have 0g of sugar in them.

The biggest problem I see disabled people having with these is actually opening the bags. I took scissors to the bags, because I was NOT going to even try to open them the typical way of just pulling the seams apart. These chips seem to be softer on the teeth than Doritos, which is a plus for those with chewing issues.

Buck Wild Snacks also makes popcorn in 4 unique flavors:  Chipotle Cheddar, Roasted Garlic, Caramel Bourbon, and Smoked Butter.

These are available from most Starbucks and Walmart stores nationwide. Please visit Buck Wild's Store Locator to find a store nearest to you.

Yummy tortilla chips in a variety of flavors sure to please everyone!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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