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Friday, November 4, 2016

Marble Finish Ceramic Electric Jar and Tart Warmer

Marble Finish Ceramic Electric Jar and Tart Warmer

This 2 piece warmer has a removable top dish and 36" power cord with built in on/off switch. Power light lets you know at a glance when the warmer is on. Use the dish to melt your favorite scented tart or wax potpourri. Remove the dish and place a jar candle on the heating plate to release the candles fragrance. Candle warmer measures 4 1/2" diameter x 3 1/4" high. Heating plate measures 3 3/4" while the dish is approximately 1 1/4" deep. Uses 20 watts of power. Gift Boxed.
Growing up, I LOVED scented candles. Mommy and I would always light candles around the Christmas season, to give our trailer the 'Christmas Tree' scent, since we used a fake tree 95% of my life (I've only had a real tree ONE time in my life, and that was Christmas 1989).

On one of my trips to visit Mama Melissa (where we now live), I bought Mommy a HUGE jar candle in her favorite flower scent, lilacs. The smell from this candle was SO intense, it easily filled our 14x70 trailer with the scent of a lilac field.

Mama Melissa and I like to burn candles as well. I personally like having the scent of the candle filling the room/house, and watching the flickering and dancing of the flame is a stress reliever for Mama Melissa. This is one of the reasons why I reviewed the Jackpot Candle about 15 months ago.

However, her father is EXTREMELY paranoid about burning candles anywhere except right in front of him, so he can watch it at ALL times. So, we're technically not allowed to have a candle in our computer room... even though we set it right on our computer table within eyesight of one of us at all times.

Enter the Marble Finish Ceramic Electric Jar and Tart Warmer.

^^Actual item^^

What I really like about this is the fact you can use it two different ways. You can either buy the wax melts and throw them in the dish or you can remove the dish completely and set actual jar candles on the hot plate. Mama Melissa and I used the hot plate method when the Jackpot candle burned too far down to safely light with normal matches.

I personally didn't care for using the dish with the wax melts, because using wax melts seems very wasteful. We were only able to get 2 or 3 meltings of the cubes before they no longer had scent to them. Considering most wax melt packs have 6 cubes in them, I'd need to buy at LEAST 4 packs to make it through a month. That's expensive.

The thing I see most disabled folks having trouble with is the power switch. It's the disc/dial style, which can be hard for most people with hand disabilities to work. I would have liked a rocker-style switch, one that doesn't take too much effort to push in either direction. The power cord is 3 feet long, so it will easily be long enough to go behind most furniture.

This would be a great Holiday gift for an older HS student or college student who loves the scents candles have, but aren't allowed to actually BURN candles.

This is available from Amazon for $19.88 (other colors available).

Great way to safely 'burn' candles or wax melts without running the risk of a fire hazard.

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