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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Woman's Express Laptop Backpack

Woman's Express Laptop Backpack
Pink Polka Dots

The Woman's Express Backpack is specifically designed to comfortably carry your laptop and give you the extra room that you need for your books and accessories. This backpack is incorporated with Superior SafetyCell™ Computer Protection Compartment. The Exclusive 'Wireless Security Shield™' protects Bluetooth enabled devices from SPAM, hackers and viruses. Additionally it is built with a pocket for files or magazines with EZ-access ticket sleeve. It fits easily in any overhead rack or under any seat. In addition, this backpack features interior organization pockets, computer sleeves and hide-away water-bottle for enhanced functionality. With heavy-duty Duraflex™ fittings and Cool-Mesh™ ventilated back panel, the Express Backpack is suitable for mobile professionals always on the go.

Fits Laptops of Screen Sizes up to 15.6"
One of the reasons I like using laptops is the portability of them. There are some days when Mama Melissa's parents leave the house, we need to babysit the house. If I was using a desktop, I'd have to leave whatever I'm working on and go downstairs. This leaves the work undone until WAY later... which puts me back even FURTHER than I already am. Using a laptop allows me the freedom to just take my laptop downstairs, relift the lid, and pick up right where I left off.

However, being disabled, it isn't always easy to just pick up the laptop and carry it downstairs. When I was a teenager or even in my early to mid 20s, this wasn't really an issue for me; I had better mobilty and I could walk down flights of stairs one-handed. But since about the age of 30 and on until the present, my mobility has gotten worse, to where at one point I was going down our flight of stairs on my rump, simply because my legs wouldn't cooperate with me. I have been able to bring myself back to using my legs to go down the stairs, albeit backwards. But this involves using both hands on the railing, which leaves NO hands free for carrying things, unless they are in a bag of some sort.

Enter the  Woman's Express Backpack in the Pink Polka Dots design.

^^Stock photo^^

Mama Melissa let me order this using her Dell account, when I was using the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. The Inspiron would NOT fit into the Laptop Carrying Bag I bought last year. While it's not a super heavy machine, It's heavy enough to where I was not feeling confortable lugging it up and down the stairs in a normal school strength backpack. I'm now using a Acer Chromebook 15, which weighs considerably LESS than the Dell Inspiron, but I still would not feel at ease using a normal school strength backpack to carry it.

^^Actual item I received^^

What I like most about this backpack is how roomy it is. There are two pockets on the outside, one on each side, which are large enough for power bricks/power adapters. The right pocket also has a smaller mesh slide-in pocket, convenient for keys or other small, easily losable items. On the top, there is a pocket with a passthrough opening, which is big enough for a set of headphones and a music device (iPod, generic MP3 player, discman, etc) or little odds-n-ends. There is also a large zipper that goes around the entire bag, which gives access to the main compartment.

Looking inside the main compartment flap (which I will add photos for tomorrow) we have a mesh pocket, which is useful for small things you need quick access to, but still want to keep private. If I was to take this bag out and about, I'd make this my 'First Aid Pocket.' Things like a roll of antacids, chapsticks, bandaids, OTC meds or even a blood sugar testing machine or asthma inhaler would fit great in here. Next, we have 4 slanted pockets, which would be good for papers only; travel tickets, passports, itineraries, maps, etc. I'm not even sure manila folders would fit in these pockets. Next to them are 3 pen loops.

Going to the main compartment itself, we have a pocket for up to a 15.6" laptop, with a nylon strap and Velcro to hold the laptop inside the pocket. I think I would have rather the strap have a snap or buckle closure, as Velcro tends to wear out quickly. On top of the laptop pocket are two smaller pockets, big enough for CDs in envelopes (although they may be a tight fit), flash/thumb drives or even a small external drive. Under those two pockets is a third mesh pocket, great for USB/Lightning cables or power banks. Any files/folders/documents can just sit right in the open area between the pockets and the zippered flap.

The shoulder straps are made with ample padding to them, giving cushion for long usage. There is another mesh slide-in pocket, which is supposed to be for a water bottle, but the elastic around the opening doesn't give much. The straps are fully adjustable.

While this is designed for up to 16" laptops, I was able to fit Mama Melissa's Alienware 17 R3 gaming laptop into the laptop pocket, but obviously was unable to close the nylon strap over it. It also fit in the open area with ease. Anything over 17.3" would not fit.

I really don't see disabled folks having too many issues with this backpack. The zippers work well; no snags or loose zipper teeth.The main problems they may have are feeding a wire through the headphone hole and sliding a laptop into the laptop compartment.

If you plan to get someone a new laptop this year for the holidays, make sure to add this to your gift list for them as well. It's a bit pricey, but the protection it gives will be a welcome addition for them!

This is available from Mobile Edge for $59.99.

Nice, solid backpack that provides MORE than enough protection for your laptop

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