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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cinnamon Donut Chips Ahoy cookies

Cinnamon Donut Chips Ahoy cookies

Irresistibly delicious chocolate chip cookies
Perfect for an afternoon snack, evening dessert, or even a sneaky midnight treat, Chips Ahoy! Cookies have been an American classic for over 50 years. And with a variety of mouthwatering flavors, there's a Chips Ahoy! cookie that will satisfy the deepest chocolate cravings--no matter if you like them crispy and crunchy or soft and chewy.

Chips Ahoy! Cookies pair perfectly with milk and coffee, or take your snacking to the next level by creating an indulgent Chips Ahoy! ice cream sandwich. Chips Ahoy! Cookies come in convenient resealable packages so they're ideal for outings or simply sharing at home or work.
As I child, I LOVED Chips Ahoy cookies. Back then, there were only two varieties; Original (Crunchy) and Chewy. I was all about the Original. I absolutely HATED the Chewy variety. To me, they did not have a ‘chocolate chip cookie’ taste.

As I grew older, I noticed my taste buds changing. I started gravitating less to the sweet snacks and more to the saltier snacks… except for donuts. Donuts was my sweet tooth’s kryptonite. I could (and still can) pass up a chocolate bar, but I was Homer Simpson around donuts.

^^Thanks to Wenchy for clipping this gif for me^^
Homer Simpson is property of Matt Groening

When I saw Lamarr Wilson do a taste test of these on his channel, I was intrigued. Could they REALLY put the taste of a cinnamon donut into a cookie? I honestly didn’t think this would be possible. Despite my hatred of the Chewy variety, I bought a package to test them out.

^^Outer Package and cookie^^

^^Closeup of an individual cookie^^

Where these differ from normal Chips Ahoy cookies is they contain NO chocolate chips. Instead, they are made with Cinnamon & Apple flavored chips. Truth be told, I could not taste any of the apple flavor in these.

I also don’t think these are as chewy as the normal Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies. From my memories, the Chewy variety crumbled VERY easily. These cookies have a good form to them and didn’t crumble, even when bit into.

The most amazing thing about these cookies is they actually DO taste like a cinnamon donut. I’m not talking the kind that are pre-boxed; I’m talking about the ones that you’d find in your local grocery store’s bakery, with the crystallized cinnamon and sugar topping.

The main problem I see disabled people having with these is opening the package. While it does have a pulltab on the top, the plastic does not fully separate, and can become twine-like. These thin plastic 'strings' probably could cut, if you're not watching what you're doing. I don't see any major issues with chewing, since these are soft and take minimal effort to chew.

Cinnamon Donut Chips Ahoy cookies are available from most major retailers, starting at $2.99.

These cookies have changed my opinion about Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies... They are delicious and PERFECT for the Holiday Season!

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