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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon creates The World's Finest® products to help millions of people make their home and personal lives better. You can have your own online boutique selling the latest trends in candles and home decor along side the advantages of a social selling system which provides the opportunity to make money doing business when, where and how you want.

Our winning community is here to help you be bold, take charge and change your life!
(ADMIN'S NOTE: I am going to try to keep this review on the topic of the candles, since I had issues with the company rep I dealt with, but I don't want the issues to influence this review)

I LOVE candles. They are just so calming to watch the flame flicker and dance, and the smell waifing through the house is just wonderful. I bought Mommy a lilac candle one year for Mother's day, and you'd think I gave her $1,000,000. Every time she'd burn it, it would fill the entire trailer with the scent of lilacs (and this was a 14x70 singlewide). I'd be in the back bedroom, where my computer was, and the scent was so strong, it was like I was burning it right on my desk.

So, when I approached a company rep about a review and he agreed, I was excited. We discussed the sizes, and by the messages I received, I expected to be reviewing medium sized candles.

So, I was a more than a little surprised when I opened the bubble mailer and saw these two tealight candles.

^^What I received^^
TOP: Caramel Pumpkin Kiss
BOTTOM: Sweet Pea

Now, I did not actually BURN these, since the tealight candles are encased in plastic holders, and I don't feel comfortable with burning the candles and the shell melting as well.

However, I actually didn't need to light them to enjoy the scent, which is a major plus to these candles. I set the Caramel Pumpkin Kiss candle out on the computer desk and the scent filled the room.

I have to say my favorite scent of the two was Sweet Pea. The pumpkin in the Caramel Pumpkin Kiss candle seemed to overpower the caramel scent, and it seemed to be a sickly sweet scent. With the Sweet Pea candle, while it was also a heavily scented candle, it was a nice flowery scent.

As with any candle, disabled people will want to be EXTREMELY careful with open flame, especially with the tealight varieties. The Mini size and larger sizes come in glass tumblers, with the wick INSIDE the tumbler, so there is a little more 'cushion' to them.

This is available from Gold Canyon Candles starting at $9.97 for the Mini sizes.

The larger sizes of these candles would be a great gift for the candle lover.

Wonderful scents that last for a long time
WOULD RECOMMEND: Yes, but not in the tealight size

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nature by Canus Goat Milk Soap

Nature by Canus Goat Milk Soap

Over 20 years ago, our laboratory developed a proven technique that transfers the benefits of fresh goat's milk to our goat milk soap products.

The company got its start in the extraordinary city of Montreal in the early 90’s when two friends decided that the world would be a whole lot softer if more people washed with soap made from fresh goat’s milk.
In just a few short years, our soap became one of the largest selling soaps in all of Canada. People across the country were discovering the amazing restorative benefits of goat’s milk, and our bars were flying off the shelves.
Now it’s America’s turn to experience the revolution. Our full line of fresh goat’s milk products are available online and in many major mass retail and drug store chains, supermarkets and specialty stores throughout North America.

Feel the glow with Nature™ by Canus
The first time I'd ever had Goat's milk was when I was well into my 20s and living in NY. It is seriously the BEST milk I'd ever had, but it is SO pricey. I noticed that when I did drink it, my acid reflux was calmer for WAY longer than when drinking cow's milk.

So, when I was approached to do a review for goat's milk soap, I readily said yes. If the goat's milk was making my insides happy, How happy could it make my outsides?

^^The three soaps I received^^

It just so happened that when it came time for me to review these, my dyshidrotic eczema on my hands decided to have a breakout/flareup, so I figured these would be a great test for them.

Olive Oil & Wheat Proteins Soap
We have extended the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk by adding olive oil and wheat protein, both known for their antioxidants and moisturizing properties. Olive oil nourishes the skin while wheat protein restores its natural elasticity. The combination results in skin that is more toned, yet hydrated and soft to the touch.
You will love the delicate, natural fragrance!

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished products not tested on animals

This soap was the top winner for the eczema treatment. The olive oil and the goat's milk gave my hands a calming effect and my fingertips were NOWHERE near as painful as usual. I didn't see too much of an impact from the wheat proteins.
The smell from this soap is INCREDIBLE. It reminds me of fresh baked bread with warmed olive oil for dipping.

Shea Butter Soap
Shea butter is a plant lipid that is recognized for its excellent emollient properties. This natural moisturizer aids in hydrating your skin and maintaining its natural elasticity. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, shea butter rejuvenates skin pores and tones the skin. Our shea butter will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and soft.
You will love the calming fragrance!

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished products not tested on animals

I didn't really feel like this had a good effect on the eczema... if anything, I think it made the flareup WORSE! It smells really nice, almost exactly like shea butter lotion and does leave my hands feeling softer, but it didn't really calm the prickly and sore feeling in my fingertips like the Olive Oil soap did.

Fragrance Free Soap 1.3 oz
Our fragrance-free soap is beneficial for those with extra sensitive skin. It delivers all the benefits of our original formula, without the scent. It’s ideal for people who love our fresh goat’s milk products but are sensitive to some ingredients.

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished product not tested on animals

This soap was the second best one for my eczema. It did calm it, but not as well as the Olive Oil soap. It also didn't make it any worse, like the Shea Butter soap did. It kind of had the goat's milk scent to it, whereas the other two soaps had the scent of their ingredients. This one just had a clean, milky scent to it.

I really don't see a problem for disabled people using this soap. It's great for skin conditions and just overall skin health.

These soaps would make great stocking stuffers for anyone with a skin condition like dyshidrotic eczema.

This is available from The Nature by Canus website or Amazon Prices may vary by website.

Awesome soaps that leave your hands feeling soft and smooth!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Audio-Technica AR3iS SonicFuel On-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica AR3iS SonicFuel On-Ear Headphones

The ATH-AR3iS SonicFuel® on-ear headphones are designed to enhance your everyday listening experience with newly designed 40 mm drivers that deliver clear mid- and high-frequencies and full, expressive bass.

The headphones come with a detachable 1.2 m (3.9') cable with mic and controls, making it easy to answer calls and handle music/video playback on your devices. The headphones also feature soft, memory foam earpads and an easily adjustable, padded headband for a comfortable fit and outstanding sound isolation. Plus, the headphones fold up for easy portability.

Newly designed 40 mm drivers provide rich, full-range sound reproduction with crystal-clear mid and high frequencies and powerful, detailed bass
Top-mounted PCB design enables smoother airflow for precise diaphragm movement and reduced distortion
Stylish round housing design
Soft, memory foam earpads and easily adjustable, padded headband provide a comfortable fit
1.2 m (3.9') detachable cable with mic/controls for use with compatible devices
Foldable for space-saving portability
Available in black (ATH-AR3iSBK) and white (ATH-AR3iSWH)
I am not really an audiophile by any means. When I use a headset, I just want something comfortable. I tend to wear my headsets a lot during the day, whether I'm watching my tech subscriptions on YouTube or I'm using YouTube as my personal radio station.

But, while the Logitech G230 Gaming Headset is my daily headset of choice, the wire being so long and irreplaceable has me, well, annoyed. So, when Audio-Technica offered to send me one of their new headsets for review, I jumped at the chance!

^^Stock Photos of the headphones^^

^^Headphones Open^^

^^Headphones closed^^

I LOVE the sound that come through these. Very rich and full, but not over-bassy. I don't hear any tinniness through the ear pieces, and the music/sounds do not distort at loud levels.

My favorite thing about these headphones are the detachable wire, which is considerably shorter than the Logitech wire. I don't know HOW many times I have had to buy new headphones, because something happened to the wires, whether it snapped or one of the earcups lost sound in them, But with these Audio-Technica headphones, if the wire were to break, I can easily head to any electronics department/store (or even eBay or Amazon) and pick up a new 3.5 mm male to male wire and Presto! I have my headphones working again. It's also a plus if the wire ever get tangled, I can just unplug them from the earcup and straighten the wire out.

I also like the fact that these headphones fold up, so if I want to store them in a backpack or travel bag, I can detach the wire and then fold the actual earcups in towards the headband. That eliminates the risk of them being broken during travel.

Now, for the downside of these headphones, the earcups themselves. They are ON-EAR cups, meaning the sit directly on the ears. It's fine at first, but after a few hours of listening to music or watching Youtube videos, they start to really hurt. I'm not sure if this is how they should be, because I have worn SkullCandy On-Ear headphones for hours and they did not hurt my ears at all. It seems to be worse for those wearing glasses, because Mama Melissa tried to wear them, and she developed the sore ear quicker than I did.

I really don't see disabled people having issues with these headphones. The biggest problem MAY be replacing the detachable wire, if it ever needs replacing.

These are available from the Audio-Technica website or Amazon for $79.00 on either site. These would make a great gift for the audiophile on your list.

Great sound, but better suited for tinier ears.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Love with Food November 2017 Gluten Free Box

Love with Food
November 2017 Gluten Free Box

What is Love With Food?
Love With Food helps you discover new organic or all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. Our subscription membership starts as low as $10/month. Every month, Love With Food members will receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find tasty snacks which varies based on seasonal themes.

For every box sold, we donate a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength - No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!

Say goodbye to boring grocery selections and start discovering your Love With Food experience!
November’s theme is ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’
This November, we are giving thanks for all of you. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and patience during this snacking journey. Thank you for engaging with us and our partner brands, and for constantly providing great feedback. Thank you for putting the “Love” in Love With Food.
*It would be safe to assume these snacks are gluten-free only unless otherwise noted.

^^what I received^^

Going in order of the unboxing...

FROM THE PACKAGE: Organic – With Vegetables* – School safe without peanuts and tree nuts
Manufactured in a dedicated facility free from the 8 common allergens:
~Tree Nuts
~Fish & Shellfish
*Nutrients found in 1 serving of vegetables

Take Apple & Cinnamon instant oatmeal and turn it into a chewy granola bar. This was really, really good.
However, when I ate it, I didn’t taste any vegetables, but it turns out there is actually ‘Vegetable Powder’ in this, and that powder contains: spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shiitake mushrooms.
TASTE: 8/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO, Allergy Friendly, Kosher

I didn’t really taste much vanilla in this cookie. I mainly tasted just coconut.
While these are infinitely better than the Lemon Ginger flavor I had a few months ago, they are still not a cookie I’d specifically go out and buy… which it PAINS me to say, because Emmy’s Organics is a ‘local’ company to me, based out of Ithaca, NY. I feel like I’m hurting the local economy by speaking ill of them.
TASTE: 6/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade

These reminded me SO much of the Stella D’oro Sesame breadsticks I munched on as a child. Very thin and crunchy. I really didn’t taste anything other than the sesame flavor. These were one of my faves from the box.
TASTE: 9/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, No Artificial colors or flavors, Vegan, Cholesterol Free, Low Saturated Fat

FROM THE PACKAGE: Prince of Peace Ginger Candy are great for the whole family. The sweet ginger taste is warming to the senses. Ginger is also known for bringing comfort to the stomach.

I got a full bag of these in the April 2017 box. This time, I only got 3 of them.
These were interesting. The packaging is MAINLY in an Asian language, some dialect of Chinese, which I don’t understand. The little blip above is pretty much the ONLY English on the package.
Going into these, I thought they would be hard candies, but they were more chewy than hard. Only thing I really didn’t like about them was the ginger burned my mouth.
TASTE: 7/10

FROM THE BAG: Come on baby, it’s a party! It’s a celebration! Even if it’s just a snack. She eats up life by the fist-full, living every day to the fullest. The smile on her lips strikes up the band in your heart and you can’t help but join the dance.
Let’s do the twist!

In April, I did a review on Glutino snacks, but these weren’t one of the snacks. However, I really couldn’t taste a difference between these and normal pretzels, minus a ‘wheaty’  and sort of sweet taste to them. I actually liked these.
TASTE: 9/10

FROM THE PACKAGE: Back when Dan and I first started popping kettle corn in our Mankato garage, we wanted to teach our kids the value of hard work – and have a little fun along the way. We also wanted a snack we felt good about feeding them (and, ah, the world). Flavorful snacks with real ingredients found in a kitchen, not in a lab (you know, ingredients you don’t have to scrunch up your face to say). Snacks packed with energy, not guilt. Snacks that keep the joy in snacking (and snacking and snacking…). With bright bags that radiate all the love and fun that went into them from the beginning. After all, isn’t that what snacking should be about? We couldn’t agree more. Enjoy.
XO, Angie

Plain, salted popcorn. That’s all this is.
I’m not saying it’s not good, because it is, just… for me personally, I like a bit more ‘flavor’ to my popcorn… butter, white cheddar, even the Cinnabon flavor would work.
I think if I was sent a different flavor, I would have liked it better, But this just fell flat for me.
TASTE: 5/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Whole Grain

FROM THE PACKAGE: At One Potato Two Potato, we believe in a world where a snack food that’s better for you can still be exciting and tasty.
So here’s to a world naturally fun and flavorful, as it was meant to be!
Simply delicious.

My main ‘problem’ with these chips is that they seem to be ‘kettle style’ chips, and they usually hurt my gums.
Other than that, they were pretty tasty. The taste of the sweet potato wasn’t overpowering at all, and there was just the right amount of salt on them. However, I’m not entirely sure I’d buy these for myself.
TASTE: 8/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-MSG, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, Nut-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher

FROM THE PACKAGE: Wake every morning to light and fluffy pancakes made in no time! Quick, easy and delicious with 8 whole grains per serving, use Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix to make all types of delicious baked goods!

Considering there are 4 grams of sugar in this mix, and the diabetics I live with like to keep their count to 3 grams per item, I will be passing this onto my cousin.
What I really like about Pamela’s Products is their support of national and regional non-profit Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Autism Support Organizations. The last one is important to me, since I have HS friends whose children have Autism. Those organizations need all the support they can get.
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Kosher

FROM THE PACKAGE: At Go Organically, we believe Fruit Snacks should be made with Read Fruit. We source USDA certified organic fruit and other quality ingredients to offer you the best, most authentic and delicious snacks for your family.
Please try all of our mouth-watering varieties for a taste experience you can feel good about.
Go Organically. You’ll like what’s in it. You’ll love what’s not!

These are actually softer than traditional fruit snacks… They almost feel like gummy candies.
I couldn’t really decipher what berries were used, but they did taste very fruity.
TASTE: 8.5/10
PERFECT FOR THESE DIETS: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Organic

FROM THE PACKAGE: Honest Energy.
Theobromine is a naturally occurring substance found in cacao that provides a gentle, long-lasting boost of energy so you won’t feel jittery during the day or sleepless at night.
Honest Energy offers you a healthy, non-addictive alternative to caffeine. Honest Energy doesn’t impersonate. It doesn’t leave out the details for convenience or marketing. Honest Energy works with your body – not against it. Read more at criobru.com/honestenergy.

Truth be told, I probably will never make this. We only have one coffee pot in the house, and it’s reserved for water for instant coffee.
If I can find the French Press I received as another review, I will try this, but as of this writing, this is untried.

FROM THE PACKAGE: Disinfects Food Contact surfaces
Worry free around kids, pets & food

Basically, this is the liquid form of a Clorox wipe. I used it to clean the placemats on our table and it worked just as well as a Clorox wipe.
What I like about this spray is it’s a non-bleach spray; the main active ingredient is Ethyl alcohol, so I feel safe using this around Mama Melissa and her asthma.
Get 20% off Purell products at Jet.com by using PURELL20 at checkout (Search PURELL20 for eligible products)

The biggest problem I see disabled folks having with these products are opening them. A LOT of the packages, I had to take scissors to, so if scissors aren't your strong point, you may have a problem opening these packages.

Still loving the variety in this month's box. I like how I got lots of snacks that are good for me.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Monday, December 4, 2017

Nancy's Petite Stuffed Bagels

Nancy's Petite Stuffed Bagels

NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels are freshly baked bagels, made with fresh milk and real cream, ready to serve and enjoy in minutes! Inspired by Nancy Mueller for those who want to enjoy exceptional eating every day, each petite stuffed bagel combination is paired with distinct ingredients to create a robust line of flavors.

NANCY’S Petite Stuffed Bagels start with the same quality ingredients used in home cooking -- butter, flour, milk, eggs, fresh produce, herbs and high quality cream cheese and come in four delicious flavors!
I love bagels. One of my favorite Holiday memories is going to the Town Square Mall in Vestal, NY with my Mom and older sister and stopping into this coffee & bagel shop (I REALLY want to say it was ‘Bagel Town’, but this was about 20-25 years ago, so I can’t remember the name). They made the BEST bagels, and after that, anytime I went to Vestal, I made it a point to stop in there and get a few bagels to bring home.

Well, now that I live in Central NY, I obviously don’t get to Vestal anymore, not that it matters since it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. So, I’m relegated to the ones you can get in the stores. Our local Modern Market makes some delicious ‘French Toast’ bagels, but sometimes it’s a pain for me to spread the cream cheese, especially when my hands don’t want to cooperate with me. Plus, I tend to burn myself by accidentally touching the hot toaster when trying to get the bagels out!

So, Nancy’s Petite Stuffed Bagels are a godsend to my hands! No fighting with the cream cheese and no burnt and blistered hands or fingers! I was sent 3 of the 4 flavors to try and review...

^^Outer boxes^^

^^The three flavors labeled^^

Pumpkin: Enjoy a fall flavor favorite with Nancy’s Petite Pumpkin Stuffed Bagels made with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese blended with pumpkin puree in a pumpkin spice bagel (exclusively at Walmart)

Okay, so I am KNOWN for liking anything Pumpkin flavored, which is quite funny actually, since I wouldn’t TOUCH Pumpkin Pie as a child. I started liking the pumpkin flavor around 15 or 16, and I promptly kicked myself in the rump for not liking it sooner.
I find the warmer these are, the better they taste. I made some the morning after I received them, but by time I had made my coffee and sat down to eat, they were on the cooler side and tasted a little odd.
A few days later, Mama Melissa made me some of the pumpkin flavor when she was making herself some of the jalapeño flavor. Since she can walk faster than I do, I got to eat them when they were still warm and they tasted so much better than the bagels I warmed up.
TASTE: 9.5/10

Original: Keep it classic with Nancy’s Petite Stuffed Original Bagels made with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese in a plain bagel

These were okay… not really my favorite, but not horrible either. My main problem with these is they tended to ‘flake’ – like the bread had gotten wet and was just sloughing off. I really didn’t taste too much of an actual flavor in these; I felt like they scrimped on the cream cheese filling in these.
TASTE: 6/10

Jalapeño: Create a pop of flavor excitement anytime with Nancy’s Petite Stuffed Jalapeño Bagels made with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese blended with jalapeños in an asiago herb bagel

Whew-wee, these are HOT! I didn’t think these would be as hot as they are. I figured the cream cheese would ‘cool’ the jalapeño flavor down, but it didn’t. My acid reflux (and my mouth) were screaming at me every time I ate these, but I didn’t care. They were THAT good.  I ate about half and then gave the rest to Mama Melissa, since she doesn’t have acid reflux and they played nicely with her pre-diabetic diet.
TASTE: 8.5/10

All 3 of the bagels had very creamy fillings, although as I said above, I felt the Original was lacking in the filling department. But all 3 flavors I received for review were very soft and chewy.

The only problem I see disabled folks having is opening the inner bags. I had trouble opening them, even with scissors; I ended up needing Mama Melissa to open them for me. But as long as the disabled person can use a microwave safely, I can’t see any problem with these. (These CAN be made in a conventional oven or toaster oven as well, but since I was making only 3-6 at a time it wasn’t worth heating the conventional oven for that amount and we don't own a toaster oven here)

These are available at most national supermarkets, with the Pumpkin flavor being an exclusive to Walmart. These have a MSRP of $6.99 each, although Wal-mart sells the Pumpkin flavor for $5.98 a box.

Very yummy bagels, perfect for on-the-go mornings or an after-school snack for the kids!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Friday, November 24, 2017

Why I use Linux

Why I use Linux

So, about 13 months ago, I did a post about Windows 10. In that post, I said I use a Chromebook. I still have that Chromebook, and there's nothing wrong with it, but I have since moved my daily computing activities to a Linux distro, Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon.

So, why do I use Linux?

Mainly, it just fits my needs.

While I like Chrome OS, it just feels too restrictive for me. While I was using my Chromebook, I was forced to use Google Docs and Pixlr Editor for my blogging needs. They work for what they should, but I need more options. I need dedicated programs, like LibreOffice and GIMP. I also like the fact that these programs come pre-installed with Linux distros, unlike Windows or even Macs.

I also like my privacy. Because there are so many different distros of Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, Elementary OS, Manjaro, etc), there's no set 'owners' of the OS, so there's no one to 'phone home' to. This means MY stuff is MY stuff. MY programs are MY programs. The programmers of Linux Mint have NO clue what is on my system besides what they have included in the base of the OS.

I also like the fact that I can actually CHOOSE what updates I install. I have an issue with the 4.10 kernel and a 'USB Device Descriptor' error on the system this was written on, an ASUS X555YA laptop. Now, with Windows, I'd have to either
a. live with the error and HOPE my system will still boot.
b. hope Microsoft will push a patch that will fix the error.
c. google a fix on my own and hope I don't need to go into Regedit to fix it (because Regedit seriously frightens me)
d. Hope it was just a wonky install of something and do a complete reinstall of Windows.

But with Linux, I'm able to 'roll back' to an earlier kernel version and STAY there. In my case, I rolled back to Version 4.8.0-53 and my system works wonderfully. I don't have to worry about Linux Mint overriding my settings and FORCING me back to 4.10 (or even higher). I'm also able to choose what other updates I get with a simple checkmark, none of this 'You're getting all the updates and if it bricks your system, too bad.' garbage. I'm even able to choose what LEVEL of updates I get:

I have my settings set to 'Let me review sensitive updates,' which is what most users will want. I like this, because *I'M* in control.

I also like that 99% of the programs come from the Software Manager, which means they are safe and won't cause an issue with the system. It also means that the programs are added to the repository, so when I do my updates, I'm going to get updates to those programs as well.

But, the things I love about Linux the most is it's FREE and it's OPEN-SOURCE. I can customize it to my heart's desire and there's no restrictions. I'm not going to have a big conglomerate coming after me if I alter the code of the OS... if anything, it's actually encouraged! And you can't really beat the price tag! (Although, I do encourage all users to donate to the Linux projects... This helps the programmers survive. Man can only survive on so many ramen noodles!)

I've recommended Linux to all my friends; some have switched, some have not. But, with the exception of AAA gamers (and even that is questionable) or those that rely on certain programs, I can't really see a need for someone to stay on Windows.

Linux just works for me and my needs, and that's #WhyIUseLinux.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Influenster: Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Palette

Influenster: Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Palette

What it is:
A long-wearing eyeshadow palette that features seven shades, including four fashion finishes, velvet, satin, silk, and lamé—to layer and dress your eyes.

What it does:
Empower your inner eye stylist with these ultra-luxe eyeshadow palettes, each featuring four fashion finishes: buttery matte velvet, shimmering satin, sparkling silk, and metallic lamé. Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades and provocative pops in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover lids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment. Available in six different colorways, choose the wardrobe that speaks to you, then layer it on to make the ultimate impression.

This palette contains:
- 7 x 0.003 oz/ 0.08 g Eyeshadows

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Beyond his fashion design, Marc Jacobs is also known as “the ultimate stylist” for making last-minute adjustments to perfect every look right before it walks down the runway. The eyeshadows in each Eye-Conic palette are inspired by textiles and layering, and come in four fashion finishes so you can be the ultimate stylist, too. Finish your look and let it stand out by layering a bright color or lamé pop on top.

Read the shade names from left to right for a short poem. The slim, seven-shadow palette was designed to feature the oblong infinity mirror, and was inspired by the rearview mirror of an automobile.

Each palette features its own shade personality:
Glambition (bare and bronze): She was infamous, known for seeking the most over-the-top glamour.
Let me preface this by saying: I don't wear too much makeup.

It's not that I don't WANT to, but two things stop me;
1. I really DON'T know how to apply it so I don't look like Mimi Bobek's little sister. (Only time THAT came in handy was during Choir concerts, since the hot stage lights muted it out a bit)
2. With the lack of saliva I have, any lipstick I have runs right off my lips and then I look like a ventriloquist's puppet, because I have makeup everywhere but my chin.

Personally, I don't think I look good with foundation, powder, and all the other stuff on, but have streaks down my chin, so I RARELY wear it. I will wear it for my videos, but otherwise I am usually just a sheer lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm and clear mascara kind of girl.

So, when I received this palette, I wan't sure what I'd ever do with it. I mean, most of these ARE colors I would wear, with the exception of 'Known For' and 'Glamour.' But again, I don't wear it enough to actively USE the palette.

^^What I received, with colors labeled^^

This palette has 4 different 'Fashion' finishes: Velvet, Satin, Silk & Lamé. But, apparently my camera didn't pick up the colors very well, so I'm going to go over them individually.

SHE WAS - Very beigish in color. I'd say it's the equivalent to a 'tan' foundation or powder shade or a 'Latte Coffee' color.
INFAMOUS - Peachy brownish shade. Much darker than any pictures show. I'd say this is a 'Coffee with Cream' coloring.
KNOWN FOR - The pictures show this as gold, but in person, it's more 'bronzy.' Very shimmery. This is one of the two lamé shades.
SEEKING - Another 'Coffee' shaded eye shadow. The photo shows it as being light, but it's more of a 'Hot Milky Chocolate' or a 'Espresso' shade.
THE MOST - Another lamé eye shadow. This is way more peach-toned than 'Infamous.' Again, very shimmery, but 'Known For' is the more shimmery of the two.
OVER THE TOP - This is more of a 'Dark Hot Chocolate'  or a 'Mocha Coffee' shade. Rich in the brown hues.
GLAMOUR - Very dark, almost BLACK in color. Perfect for the 'Smoky Eye' look that is so popular.

I really don't see disabled people having problems using this. The clasp opens easily and if you can apply eye shadow, this will be no different than other eye shadows.

This palette would make a great Stocking Stuffer for the makeup lover in your life. It is available from Sephora.com for $49.00. 5 other color choices are available through that link.

Great selection of colors, but Just not a palette I'd personally use.

**I AM A MEMBER OF INFLUENSTER. As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chewy Blogger - Furminator Shed Control Cloths


We’re dog and cat lovers who want only the best-quality products for our pets. And we’re always on the go. That’s why we created Chewy.com: a specialty pet retailer stocking the very best brands under one roof, with fast delivery right to yours.

Consider us your neighborhood pet store, but better. We’re knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. But you won’t have to lug that fifty-pound bag of dog food to your car because we’ll deliver it right to your door.
Usually, I do these in order of the months, but usually Chase has the items left over month to month, so it's easy to just give him the treats again and write the reviews as he eats them.

However, for November, I did not choose edible treats. I chose something that had a limited amount to them, so I want to get the review written before I run out.

Chase is a cheagle (Chihuahua-beagle mix) and he sheds AWFUL. I was honestly surprised how much a small dog with short hair can shed. It's seriously NOTHING for me to be picking dog hair off my keyboard skin multiple times a day!

Mama Melissa and I have tried daily brushings to no avail... seems like that only makes the sheddings worse. Only thing that controls the shedding somewhat is bathing him. But I really don't want to bathe the boy daily. It's a HUGE production getting him into the tub (complete with him hightailing it to Mama Melissa when I try to take him into the bathroom) and daily baths aren't good for his skin, even with oatmeal/moisturizing shampoos.

So, when I saw this cat version for review, I asked if they could also be used for dogs. Chewy offered to send the dog version instead, so I jumped at the offer.

^^what we received ^^

FURminator Dog Shed Control Cloths
The FURminator Dog Shed Control Cloths are a convenient solution to removing loose surface hair and cleaning your pet’s coat.

Key Benefits
~Three dimensional proprietary loop technology catches and keeps loose surface hair
~3x thicker than traditional wipes
~Reusable up to three times before disposing
~Smooth and rough dual sided to clean and collect hair
~Safe to use on furniture and clothes

As it says, the wipes CAN be used 3 times before throwing them out, but the first one we used on Chase was SO loaded with hair, Mama Melissa was NOT about to even try salvage the wipe. It was completely covered.

The cloths are 8" x 6", so they are about the size of a baby wipe. They are thicker than baby wipes, but feel just as soft. They also have a nice scent to them, so not only does the wipe take off the loose hair, but it leaves Chase smelling clean!

Even after just one use, I noticed Chase wasn't scratching as bad as he usually does. This is a huge plus for us, because Chase would sit and scratch himself raw at times.

I really don't see disabled folks having a problem with these wipes. The box and the actual bag are easy open, and as long as one can use a washcloth or baby wipe, there will be NO problem using these wipes.

The FURminator Dog Shed Control Cloths are available at chewy.com for $4.99 a box. There is also a cat version available.

These wipes are the BEST thing for loose hair with dogs. I'm in love with these wipes, and Chase seems to like them as well!

**I AM A BLOGGER FOR CHEWY.COM As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**