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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pringles Hot Diggity Dog flavor

Pringles Potato Crisps
in Hot Diggity Dog flavor


Ever thought, “Gee, I wish this hotdog was a chip.”? Well, we solved your problem. Smoky, vinegary, and oh so delicious – just remember, microwaving not recommended.

I love junk food. The greasier, the gooier, the more unhealthy, the better. Yes, I know... It's not good for me, blah blah blah. But it's not like that's ALL I eat. I like my raw veggies, I like my whole grain breads and I like my poultry as well. I'm actually not one for beef/burgers, which trust me, I catch flak for. Even when we go out to restaurants, my entree is usually chicken based. I do like hot dogs, but they have to be made a certain way.

When I had first heard of this flavor, my initial thought was ‘Eww, Hot dog flavored chips? Gross.’ Originally a Walgreens exclusive, I managed to find this flavor in our local Kinney Drugs in the Clearance cart. Skeptical of how they would taste and not wanting to have to eat chips I hated, I only bought one can… and that’s where I made a mistake.

^^The design on my can^^

Opening the can’s safety paper lid, I was met with the whiff of a grill. That PIQUED my interest. I was actually expecting the smell of boiled hot dogs, or worse yet, raw hot dogs. Still, I wasn’t convinced that they would be good, so I took my usual ‘2 chips at a time’ and munched.

It tasted like I was eating a hot dog, fresh off the grill and smothered in yellow mustard, which is honestly the 2nd way I prefer my hot dogs. (The 1st way is hard to do since it’s usually from a cart, and I haven’t had them that way in about 20-25 years, but it involves sauerkraut and the spicy golden mustard) I could DEFINITELY taste the hot dog flavor, but it wasn’t a disgusting flavor. If it wasn’t for the crunch, I would have actually thought I was eating a grilled hot dog.

I didn’t taste ANY vinegar on these chips. I know there is vinegar in mustard, but it’s not as heavy as the description claims.

It was right then that I was disappointed I had only bought one can, and the next time I returned to Kinney Drugs, all the clearance stock was gone.

These are a limited time only flavor, so you MAY have a hard time finding these. I have yet to spot these in any other store. However, there are plenty of sellers on eBay that have these (and other flavors) for sale. Amazon also carries this flavor.

I really liked this flavor and would LOVE to get my hands on a few more cans.

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