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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#BehindTheBlogger -- Find Your Love

#BehindTheBlogger -- Find Your Love

Find your love.

Now, that can mean a whole SLEW of things. That can mean finding a partner. That can mean adopting a pet. That can mean learning to love yourself.

But today, I’m going to focus on an old quote that’s been said a lot… Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Growing up, I always envisioned myself as a teacher. One of my fondest memories is standing in front of my chalkboard easel, ‘teaching’ my dolls and stuffed animals. I guess I had always envisioned myself as an Elementary grade teacher, since when I played Teacher, I was always ‘teaching’ multiple subjects.

While I had dabbled with writing in 7th grade, I still intended to be a teacher. I’d say I had that dream up until late 1993 or early 1994. I was on the ACTA (Yearbook Journalism) staff and started actually devoting time to it, instead of goofing off. That’s when I totally realized I loved writing, and when my intended major flipped from Education/Teaching to Print Journalism.

Since then, my ‘career choices’ have flipped four times; from Journalism to Medical Transcription, then from Medical Transcription to Web Design, then from Web Design to Wedding Planning, and then from Wedding Planning to Self-Taught Graphic Design.

But I always had the love of writing… so even while I studied Medical Transcription, then Web Design, then Wedding Planning, I still wrote WWE fanfic, branching into other fandoms. Then I got addicted to Graphic Design on Livejournal and the fanfic got shelved… for a very long time.

In 2013, I decided to take a good long look at my life… What did I love to do?

The Graphic Design ‘business’ was dying a slow death on LJ, with too much drama surrounding it. Between users complaining that other users used the same color choices (Yes, this was a thing!), thievery running rampant among actual graphics (or graphic pieces, like blinkie boxes) and then paid pixel sites, which were all the rage in 2011-2012, deciding makers couldn’t use their pixels on LJ, Being a graphic designer became more hassle than it was worth.

Besides that, everything I know about Graphics was self-taught, so I couldn’t really get a job anywhere without some sort of certificate, much less an actual degree.

And then my GOOD Graphic Design system, that I scrimped and saved for, died 8 days after the Windows XPocolypse, so that’s when I really ‘saw the writing on the wall’ about graphics.

I actually never finished my Medical Transcription degree, so I couldn’t fall back on that.

While I COULD have fallen back on Web Design, at that point it had been a good 10 years since getting my degree/certificate, so things may have changed within the HTML coding world and my location is not ‘prime real estate’ for a decent home business based on that. Sure, I could do a strictly Online business, but I really didn’t see a market for Freelance Webmasters at the time.

The Wedding Planning course was another one that I never finished, for purely financial reasons. But just like the Web Design degree, my location is not ‘prime real estate’ for a decent home business based on that.. especially at this time. Mama Melissa’s dad would flip out when my clients would show up here for the consultations. So, even if I had finished that course, It would have done me absolutely no good.

So, what did that leave me? Writing. Something I could do from home, without a fancy degree or certificate, and I wouldn’t need to have people come here or me leave the house. All I need is a working computer and a way to access some sort of word processor, even if it’s no more than Google Docs.

So, in May of 2013, I decided to start a blog. I was already writing reviews on eBay and Amazon, so why not start putting those reviews on a blog for myself?

So, I did.

And this is my favorite ‘career choice.’ Whether it’s doing a review, or one of these ‘Behind the Blogger’ prompts, or I’m writing a book, I get to see my words come alive. I get to see my hard work pay off when someone shares my tweet or buys a book.

I’ve finally found my love… and every day, it makes me happy doing what I love.

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  1. WWE FanFic!?!?! That is AWESOME! My husband and I love WWE. Very devoted fans. We aren't a fan of the actual writers right now though lol. You have done a lot in your life! It's awesome to see that you found your niche in writing. :)

    1. I WAVER on the WWE love... I'm actually in your boat right now. I HATE the writing, but I love the guys. My faves are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Sasha Banks and Bayley.
      Who are your faves?