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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Genial Day Feminine Products

Genial Day Feminine Products

GENIAL DAY®  is a brand of awesome products for women, by women.  The GENIAL DAY® brand stands out because of the spirit of innovation and genuine concern about a woman's health and environment. Our products are designed to provide women with the ultimate comfort and a peace of mind. Therefore, they feature skin-friendly pH, are air permeable, and free of harmful chemicals.

Genial [jee-nee-uh l] favorable for life, growth, or comfort; pleasantly warm; comfortably mild: so as to give life, growth, or health.

Genial... that’s what our products are all about. By sharing them with you, we wish you a gentle, comfortable, healthy, and pleasant day. 
Ah. Periods.

It’s something every woman deals with and every man hates talking about.

As a teenager, I started out using pads, since my mommy was afraid I’d lose my virginity by using tampons. Granted, anyone that has taken some sort of health class knows that’s not the case. But my mommy was ‘old school’ in that aspect.

As my CP symptoms began to worsen, I switched to tampons, simply for ease. It was so much easier (and neater) for me to just change a tampon and go about my day than deal with changing pads and constantly ruining underwear when I’d have a spillage or ruining the adhesiveness of pads by shaking. Plus, I wasn’t getting the skin irritation when using tampons, like I was with pads. The most I dealt with was a little soreness from the applicator pinching my skin or pulling some hair when the tubes were pushed together. By this point, I was in my late teens and early 20s, had a boyfriend and no longer a virgin. So, Mommy was fine with it.

I was even playing it smart by following the tampon box directions to the letter… Change at least every 8 hours, full or not, use the SMALLEST absorbency needed to prevent leaks, Use pads at night, remove when finished with menstruation. I never had an issue.

But, when I moved in with Mama Melissa’s parents, I was forced to go back to pads full time, because of the TSS warning… which meant going back to ruined panties. Going back to leakage/spillage. Going back to skin irritation and redness. It sucked, but it was ‘their house, their rules,’ even though I’m over 18.

I’ve tried many different brands of pads, trying to find a brand that wouldn’t irritate the sensitive skin down there, but also keep my panties in decent shape. I managed to find one brand that did this… I REALLY want to say it was Stayfree with Velcro wings. However, they seem to have discontinued the Velcro version and went back to ‘tape’ fasteners for the wings. With shaky hands, these don’t work the best and I end up ruining perfectly good pads when the wings either stick to themselves or the underside of the pads themselves!

So, when Genial Day asked me to do a review of their products, I readily said yes. What drew me to them was the claim they made of not being irritant to the skin. I wanted to put this to the test.


In the package, I received:
1 package of 24 regular liners
1 package of 10 Super Absorbency pads
1 package of 8 Super Plus Absorbency pads
a box of Eivi Smart period Underwear

The liners are a bit short for my needs. I’m accustomed to the Always panty liners for ‘Plus Size’ women, which cover the crotch of my panties perfectly. I needed to take two of these to get the coverage I need.

The Super Absorbency pads are the ‘sweet spot’ for me. They look like an ultra-thin maxi with wings, which I usually DON’T like, due to having problems applying the wings to the outer crotch of my panties. However, These wings are different in the fact that they are 'cut' to wrap around the crotch of the panties better. They stay put, have just the right absorbency, and the wings don’t become useless if/when they stick to each other. Surprisingly, I really really love these pads.

And now to the ones I loathe… the Super Plus Absorbency pads. These are a thinner version of the Always MAXI Pads Extra Heavy Overnight with Flexi-Wings that Mama Melissa uses, complete with the flare-out ‘wings’ for the butt part of the panties. I’m not sure if I had a bad batch or what the deal was, but these just would NOT stick to my panties at all. I ruined 2 perfectly good pads, trying to put these into my panties. After the 2nd pad became ruined, I gave up and just used one of Mama Melissa’s pads that day.

As far as the underwear go… I didn’t even try them. I have no shame in admitting I wear a size 18 to 20 pants (I have a pair of elastic waist jeans that are size 20 that fit just right, but yet, I have a pair of  elastic waist jeans that are size 18 that are a bit baggy.) I was sent a size medium of these underwear, which are designed for a size 10-12… Yeah, this was NOT happening. I knew they would not even get over my rump. However, they do feel quite soft to the touch and I like the fact they have have ‘wing pockets;’ specially designed flaps that you insert the wings into, to ‘hide’ them from the outside of the panties. Not exactly sure WHY this is a thing, but if you’re the type that wears shortish skirts or dresses, no one will see your pad’s wings if an accidental flash happens.

Now, the BIGGEST problem I see disabled women having issues with is using the ‘wing pockets’ on the Eivi panties. If they have shaky hands, they might ruin the adhesiveness of the wings while trying to insert them.  The packages of pads have ‘easy-open’ flaps on them, so opening the packages are very easy. Otherwise, if a disabled woman can put a pad in her panties, she’ll have no trouble using these products.

All these products can be found on Genial Day’s website.

These products do live up to their claim. I did not have any skin irritations this month from pads. It was SO nice to not have soreness and redness 'down there.'

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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