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Friday, April 7, 2017

Chewy Blogger - October 2016


We’re dog and cat lovers who want only the best-quality products for our pets. And we’re always on the go. That’s why we created Chewy.com: a specialty pet retailer stocking the very best brands under one roof, with fast delivery right to yours.

Consider us your neighborhood pet store, but better. We’re knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. But you won’t have to lug that fifty-pound bag of dog food to your car because we’ll deliver it right to your door.
October was our fifth month with Chewy, and there were SO MANY great choices this month, it was hard to choose what to review!

But I narrowed it down to these two products. Let's have a look at what we were sent!

^^what we received^^

Wellness Pure Rewards Grain-Free Turkey Jerky Bites Dog Treats
Wellness Pure Rewards Grain-Free Turkey Jerky Bites Dog Treats are wholesome, all natural wheat free, grain free, tender soft dog treats. Specially formulated with limited ingredients these treats have a primal taste your dog will love and are a great addition to a healthy diet. Snack time is a mutually rewarding show of love and positive reinforcement with your dog. You can feel good about training and rewarding your dog with Wellness natural dog treats.

Key Benefits
~The perfect treat for canines of all ages and sizes
~Made with more than 90% pure, high quality meat
~No by-products, soy, fillers or grains makes for a delicious treat even dogs with food allergies can enjoy
~Quality assured and made from finest globally-sourced ingredients
~Soft and tender for high palatability

Chase loves his turkey and chicken... which is why 90% of his treats have one of these meats in them.
I was kind of skeptical with these treats, since Chase doesn't really like jerky. But he was scarfing these down like they were going out of style. Every time I would grab the bag of these treats, he'd wag his tail, bounce excitedly and start his 'I'm excited' growl. It's like we couldn't get the bag open quick enough for his liking!

Zuke's Enhance Mobility Peanut Butter Formula Dog Treats
Zuke's Enhance Mobility Peanut Butter Formula Dog Treats support hip and joint health and are perfect for mature and senior dogs. These tasty grain-free, peanut butter-flavor chews are made in small batches in the USA to ensure freshness and quality. Active ingredients include calcium lactate for bone strength, glucosamine to help rebuild and repair tissue and reduce pains, chondroitin to help rebuild cartilage and turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties. They’re all around yummy treats your senior dog will look forward to every day.

Key Benefits
~Grain-free, functional treats that are designed to support hip and joint health and are perfect for senior dogs and large breed dogs that may have trouble with stairs, getting up, sore after exercise, or just simply slowing down with age
~Loaded with natural, healthy ingredients such as calcium lactate, glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, MSM, EPA, and DHA
~Formulated for bone strength, to help rebuild and repair tissue and cartilage, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation
~Tasty treat makes providing your pup with hip and joint support easy and enjoyable
~High-quality, fresh, healthy chew that's made in small batches here in the USA

Chase also loves his peanut butter. When he was on allergy pills last year, it was the only way we could get him to take his pills without spitting it back at us. We still use this method to give him his vitamin supplement.
Chase likes these, but he's not 100% sure about the chewiness of them. He'll eat half and then look at it like, 'Are you supposed to be this chewy?' then eat the rest.
I like these chews for him, because he's getting the stuff he needs to keep his joints healthy, and with him being a prime candidate for arthritis and/or joint problems when he gets older, I feel like these are acting like 'preventative medicine' for Chase.

As with most treat bags, these both have the ‘Ziploc’ style seals, and if not lined up properly, may not seal tightly. This is the MAIN issue I see disabled people having with these bags. However, The plus side to ordering from chewy.com is they deliver right to your door. For someone disabled, who maybe doesn't drive or relies on public transportation, this is completely helpful.

Both the Wellness Pure Rewards Grain-Free Turkey Jerky Bites Dog Treats and Zuke's Enhance Mobility Peanut Butter Formula Dog Treats are available at chewy.com. Please click the links above to see prices and other varieties.

Chase loves his goodies from Chewy.com! He gets so excited when the 'blue box' arrives each month!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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