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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Clear American Orange Cream Flavored Water

Clear American Orange Cream Flavored Water

Clear American Water is the brand of flavored sparkling water sold by Wal-mart stores.
As hard as it is to believe, I was a pretty good water drinker when I was a teenager. Mommy would buy the 2.5 gallon jug of Poland Springs Natural Spring water and keep it in our refrigerator. Sometimes, she'd save gallon milk jugs and we'd go to the running water 'spring' on Bank Street in Montrose for water. Even though we had well water in the trailer park, something about spring water tasted SO much better.

As I aged, I turned to 'colored' drinks more... soda, juice, milk, coffee, tea... and away from the water. I know, bad for me, but I like to have some sort of taste in my mouth.

So, when I moved to where I live now, Mama Melissa's parents started riding me about not drinking enough water. They touted the tap water was so good... except every time I drank it, I'd get awful acid reflux. It never happened when I would drink the bottled water as a teenager, or the water we'd get from Bank Street. I never even got it from the well water in the park. Only conclusion I could draw is that the salt from the water softener we use here doesn't agree with me.

To appease them, I started buying flavored water for Mama Melissa and myself. Mama Melissa likes the Clear 'n' Natural Strawberry Kiwi sparkling water, whereas I prefer the Propel Zero Strawberry Kiwi waters.

But on one trip to Wal-mart, I spotted this flavor. Since I LOVED Orange Creamsicles and Stewart's Orange & Cream soda as a child, I figured this would be just as good. So I bought a bottle.

^^Half-drank bottle of Clear American Orange Cream water^^

This tastes nothing like the Stewart's soda. It tastes like a very salty and bubbly Creamsicle... and not in a good way. I usually have NO complaints with flavored water, sparkling/carbonated or 'flat,' but I do not like any of the orange flavored waters I have tried. (There is one flavor at Dollar General, Blood Orange, I have yet to try)

Since this was a 'Limited Edition' flavor, I do believe it is only available in stores, if you're lucky.

Not one of Wal-mart's hits... I think I'll stick with Propel Zero for my water intake.

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