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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

This scarf is a vegan alternative to cashmere while providing comparable comfort, style, and warmth.
It is an eye-catching versatile accessory with multi-colored woven patterns.
These elegant scarves are suitable for all occasions.
Perfect gift for women of all ages, great accessory to dress up any ensemble.
Chunky knit wide infinity scarf for style and warmth both indoors and out.
I hated scarves as a child. I always felt choked and they never seemed to stay around my neck, no matter what Mommy did.

And looking back, that's PROBABLY why I had strep throat at least once every winter.

Mommy finally gave up and started buying me coats that would zip over my chin, in an effort to keep my neck warm. But even those, I'd unzip so I could breathe. Kind of defeated Mommy's goal, huh?

As I got older and I moved farther and farther north, The need for a scarf became inevitable... especially after an errand run in March 2016. We left the house with cloudy but dry weather. Within an hour, we were having near blizzard conditions and when we got home, the vehicle became buried in the deep snow. Needless to say, I became VERY sick with an ear infection and cold.

After that, I asked Grandma to knit or crochet me a scarf, which she did... but the problem was it rolled into itself. It didn't keep my neck very warm, and it refused to stay 'flat.'

So, when I received this scarf for review, I was excited. I knew they were 'all the rage,' but could they actually have some function along with style? I was determined to find out.

^^what I received^^

I received the Hot Pink or Rose color variant for review.

What I really like about is it's all one piece, which makes it SO simple to slip over the head. It's also big enough that it CAN be doubled around the neck, which actually makes it warmer.

I haven't worn this as a 'fashion accessory' yet, opting to use it as my winter scarf.

I was able to put this on, double it and tuck it into my coat, and it stays put around my neck. No matter HOW much I move, it doesn't come untucked or untied.

The only downfall of this style is the tassels like to get caught into zippers. Many times that I wore this, I had to make sure the tassels were tucked well away from my coat's zipper, otherwise they would get caught in the teeth as I tried to zip my coat.

Only problem I see disabled people having with this scarf ARE the tassels. I think the non-tasseled variants of this scarf would be the best bet for disabled folks. These scarfs slip right over the head, so there is no tying and trying to keep it wrapped around the neck.

This is available from Amazon for $11.99. There are other colors available, both with and without tassels. The styles without tassels are $2.00 cheaper.

I think these scarfs are the BEST scarfs for disabled people to wear. Very easy to slip on and they keep the neck/throat area VERY warm.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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