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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#BehindTheBlogger -- Dear Mama

#BehindTheBlogger -- Dear Mama

Dear Mommy,

I miss you.

This is the 15th Mother's day I'm 'celebrating' without you.

And I miss you every day.

There are days all I wish for is that I could talk to you. You always made me feel SO much better about whatever I was going through. You always did everything you could to guide me to do the best I could. The mantra of "You can do anything you set your mind to." is how I've come so far in life.

It's why I'm still here today.

Deep down, I know you're still guiding me, especially now while I'm contemplating life changes. I really don't believe in 'higher powers' or 'higher beings,' but I know you are subconsciously telling me what to do... and I know I should listen, because you've never steered me wrong before.

I hope I'm making you and Daddy proud in Heaven... or wherever you are. I hope I'm living up to the expectations you and Daddy had for me. I hope when we meet again, you can look at me and beam with joy and pride, because I exceeded every hope you had for me.

I love and miss you so much. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven.

Your Baby Doll,

My Two Moms -- (R) Mommy & me, 1989 and (L) Mama Melissa & me, 2012

Dear Mama Melissa,

Thank you.

I know I don't say it, or even show it, as much as I should... But thank you for taking me as your daughter.

You didn't HAVE to. I was 22 when Mommy died... a legal adult by all accounts.

But when Mommy asked you to watch out for me because she knew she was dying, you stepped up without hesitation or asking questions. You said yes right away.

And when your mom asked you to move back to New York, you could have left me to fend for myself in Montrose... and after what I had almost pulled on you in September 2001, I honestly wouldn't have blamed you one bit if you did.

But you didn't. You told your parents that I was moving up as well; I was your responsibility now. I don't think they really liked it, but you didn't care. They could either like it or lump it. As far as you were concerned, I was your daughter.

We've fought a lot over the past 15 years, but I am extremely thankful that I've had you in my life.

I know I really don't say it, and DEFINITELY don't show it, as much as I should... But I do love you, and I would be so lost without you.


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