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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Big Oh! Box Adult Subscription Box

The Big Oh! Box

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product(s) in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned below. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Even though I am disabled, as a grown woman, I have needs. The Big Oh! Box makes it possible to take care of those needs safely and discreetly.
About The Big Oh! Box
Discover new paths to pleasure with The Big Oh! Box

An adult subscription box featuring a curated selection of full-sized toys & accessories designed to stimulate you & your partner’s appetite for exploration. We’ll send you everything you need to achieve greater heights of pleasure — discreetly packaged.

The Big Oh! Box started with the concept and goal of being sex positive and inclusive of all persons, regardless of body type or sexual orientation. We believe that pleasure shouldn’t be reserved for any specific person, sexual orientation or even for a specific time. Our vision is to help you find what pleases you most, whether it’s with a partner, or playing solo. Everyone deserves to play and you deserve something more than just a “date night” box. Our goal is to help everyone achieve their big oh!
I believe I was sent the March 2017 box.

Please click the 'Read More' below to read my reviews...

Let's take a look at what was inside.

^^Inside the box^^

These are the same candies you’d find on a ‘Candy Necklace’ or the candy jewelry kids wear. The string is made from what looks and feels like stretchy fishing line, and I’m not sure it would hold up in the throes of a wild and thrashing orgasm.
Both Pookie and I tried these candies, and while he said they tasted just like the ‘Candy Necklace’ pieces his sisters would share with him as a child, I didn’t taste ANYTHING. The closest taste was ‘Candy Cigarettes…’ very chalky and bland.

FROM THE PACKAGE: Satisfy your craving for a delicious and sensual adventure.
A sexy treat for sweetened lovemaking. Make sex sweeter. Make love longer.
Slide & glide, lick & love!
Premium Water-Based Formulas
Sugar Free - Paraben Free - Body Safe - Glycerin Free
Two Lickable Candy Flavors
Vegan Friendly

Pookie said he could taste the strawberry flavor from the Strawberry BonBon glide, but it also has a very ‘oily’ taste to him, even though this is water-based. He said the Whipped Cream glide had ZERO flavor, and it was just like licking a sweet oil from my skin.
We both feel these would be better used for what they are intended for; a lubricant and not for oral play. However, these are great for those that HATE the telltale smell of traditional lubes, since there is more smell than taste to these glides.

FROM THE PACKAGE: 10 vibrating functions
Pure silicone
G-Spot design
smooth satin finish
Phthalate and latex free - body safe

Vibrators aren’t really a huge hit for us as a couple. I use them more as a solo activity (like in the shower), but we RARELY use them as a couple.
That being said, this was a prime example of WHY we don’t use them. I was expecting a mind-blowing, earth-shattering G-Spot orgasm and this toy didn’t deliver that. We tried different speeds and different vibrations patterns, and the result was the same every time; I may have had an orgasm, but it was no different than the ones I experience during sex. As a matter of fact, I enjoy sex more and have better and more powerful orgasms from Pookie than from this toy.
I also didn't like how 'flexible' it was. Just like the Neon Sexy Snuggler, it was quite 'bendy' and took us quite a few tries to get it inserted. Once inserted, it DOES hit the g-spot every time. I had NO trouble climaxing while using this toy.

FROM THE BOTTLE: A Diva’s Naughty Secret to Irresistible Nipple Play!
Decadent Lubricity… Hours of Tease-n-Please Sex Play
Tingly Titillation… Intensify Nipple Arousal & Sensitivity
Diva-licious Flavor… Tasty Nibbling for Your Partner

After the dislike of the glides above, Pookie was a little skeptical of trying this; he didn’t want another ‘oily’ taste in his mouth. But we tried it anyway and we were pleasantly surprised. It has a sweet, creamy taste and Pookie said it really did taste like the Angel Cake flavor the bottle stated. I could taste some of it on his lips later that night and he was right.
The only downfall I saw (and this could be just me) was that my nipples really didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel any tingling in them and they really weren’t any more sensitive than without it.
This would be good for a flavor on the nipples during nipple play, but nothing else.

FROM THE BOX: Seven fetish fortunes for seven nights of pain and pleasure with your naughty lover. Each individually wrapped and baked deliciously fresh in the USA.

These were your normal, run-of-the-mill fortune cookies that you'd get with Chinese Takeout, except unlike the vague, mysterious 'fortunes' they have, these have naughty 'fortunes,' like;
~No talking back; do as I say in bed!
~Blindfold me and whisper your deepest desires in my ear.
~Pull my hair and tell me how you want it...
The fortunes were fun to read and try, but otherwise, as I said before, these are just normal fortune cookies.

The biggest problem I see for disable people is opening the individual items. I had a hard time opening the outer wrappers of the glides and the actual packaging of the vibrator. The vibrator comes in a plastic 'shell' with a sliding card, and I personally have been cut on these types of packages before. The glides have a 'follow the dots' outer wrapper, which can be hard to open without the plastic tearing or breaking away halfway down the item.

This is available from BigOhBox.com/ for $59.99 monthly/$109.99 quarterly.

Very fun box for couples to spice up their sex life.

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