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Monday, June 12, 2017

Maltesers Chocolate Candies

Maltesers Chocolate Candies

MALTESERS®, a UK favorite for 80+ years, is now in the USA! MALTESERS® feature a crispy, airy center, wrapped in smooth, mouth-watering, chocolatey delight.
So... I just turned 38 this past week. (Happy Birthday to me!) And while out doing some birthday shopping at Dollar General, I saw these. I was reminded of the Giant Maltesers Cake Barry and James from My Virgin Kitchen made a few months back.

When I saw them in the Clearance aisle, I decided to buy a bag.

The premise of these are similar to Whoppers candies, as in they are both a malted milk ball covered in chocolate. As a child, I LOVED Whoppers candies. Now, they don't really have the sane taste to them.

^^The bag and one individual ball^^

Where these differ from the Whoppers candies is how soft the candies are on the teeth. I seem to recall Whoppers candies nearly breaking my teeth. If I also remember correctly, Whoppers candies have a dark chocolate coating. Maltesers, however, are more of a honeycomb style center, with a milk chocolate coating, which seems to be creamier than regular milk chocolate. I'm not sure if Mars used the British recipe for the chocolate coating, or if it's the honeycomb center mixing with the chocolate coating to seem creamier.

I don't see disabled folks having too many issues with these. A pair of scissors may be needed to open the packaging. These are very easy to chew.

This is available from most national retailers, starting at $1.49 a bag. However, I was able to find this bag at Dollar General for $0.45.

A sweet, creamy and crunchy treat all rolled into a tiny little ball! Very delicious!

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