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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety LidLifter

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety LidLifter

Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland - the Ultimate Collection of Openers! A key category within their ever-evolving collection of tools/gadgets, Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland has developed a range of openers to rival anybody! Their portfolio includes multi-purpose gadgets that also open ring-pulls, bottles and jars, as well as devices that are designed specifically for standard cans/tins. Boasting enviable features that maximise simplicity, safety and hygiene, they are guaranteed to enhance even the most well-equipped of kitchens.

The 2-in-1 Ratchet Safety LidLifter Released in 2016, the 2-in-1 Ratchet Safety LidLifter by Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland is a can opener with a difference! The innovative ratchet mechanism is less demanding to operate than its traditional counterparts and is therefore ideal for those with limited strength/mobility in their hands and wrists. Once in place, a series of back and forth movements of the ergonomic handle will remove the lid of standard cans/tins with ease. In addition, the device opens ring-pull cans/tins without fuss courtesy of the beak on the side of the gadget. Simply slide it inside the loop of the lid and lift upwards and forwards whilst holding the can/tin firmly in position. Suitable for both right and left-handed usage, the opener possesses a number of ingenious features that separate it from the competition.

Sharp Edges and Lids - a Thing of the Past! The 2-in-1 Ratchet Safety LidLifter is a member of an exclusive club of devices that do not cut into the metal of the can/tin in order to remove the lid. Instead, it elegantly un-crimps and un-rolls the lip - a process that is an exact reversal of how the lid is attached to the cylinder of the can/tin when it is originally filled. As well as the obvious safety benefit of this mechanism, it also eliminates the possibility of metal shavings/packaging entering the food.

No Cross-Contamination - use it for Everything! The capacity of the 2-in-1 Ratchet Safety LidLifter to remove the lid without cutting into the can/tin means that the device never comes into direct contact with its contents. This ensures that the opener doesn’t harbour unwanted bacteria and prevents any potential cross-contamination between different foods. As a result, it can be used for everything - even pet food! And it doesn’t even need to be washed after usage - an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is more than sufficient.

Hands-Free Lifting! Once opened, the lid can be lifted from the can/tin without physically touching it courtesy of the 2-in-1 Ratchet Safety LidLifter’s ingenious mini-pliers/pincers.
Opening canned food is one of the things that is pretty hard for me to do. Growing up, Mommy always had electric can openers for me to use, which were a godsend when I was a young teenager and was responsible for getting my own dinner while Mommy was at work. In case of power outages, We did have the manual can openers, which doubled as a 'church key'/bottle opener. I could only use the bottle opener on those, because I didn't have the hand dexterity to turn the 'crank' and open the can.

Plus, I was so shaky, no matter how careful I was, I tended to alway get cut on the lids, whether it was trying to get them out of the can or when I was going to throw them out... most of the time, it was trying to fish them out of the can after they were cut. This was another plus of the electric can openers, since they have the magnet on top, and that holds the lid while I take the can away. But then I still ran the risk of getting cut when I had to take the lid off to throw it out.

However, when I moved to New York, all we had were the manual can openers, which meant I was either reliant on Mama Melissa or SOL if Mama Melissa wasn't here and I wanted to open a can for whatever reason.

I did review another can opener a few years back (That post is LONG gone now) specifically designed for disabled people, but the problem was it was STILL manual and STILL hard for me to turn the 'crank' with my right hand and hang on the opener with my left hand.

So, when I saw Barry Lewis' (AKA myvirginkitchen) video on various kitchen gadgets and this was featured, I promptly went to Amazon and bought one for myself.

^^Stock photo of the opener^^

^^what I received^^

It does take me a few tries to get the mechanisms lined up onto the can, which is done by sliding the pieces of the grip apart and then latching it onto the can. But what I LOVE about this opener is the handle. Once the mechanisms are attached to the can, it's a simple back and forth movement, similar to using a ratchet, to move the opener around the can. I also like the fact that I can hold this grip with either hand and still use the handle without feeling like my hands are going to cramp up.

The thing is this opener doesn't actually cut INTO the can; rather it un-crimps the lid from the can. I like that feature, since IF I had to put the lid back on for any reason (like pet foods or a recipe calls for half at a time) the lid will be a perfect fit.

There are also two metal prongs on the side of the opener, to help lift the lid from the can. Personally, I don't really like the prongs, but that's more my fault. I'm very shaky in the hands, so it's more of a pain to use these prongs to lift the lid. It's easier for me just to grab an utensil I'm already using and pry the lid up enough for me to grab it. Because the lid is un-crimped and not cut, I won't cut myself on the sharp lid edges.

This would make the PERFECT gift for anyone with a hand disability (Arthritis, Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, etc.) or those who love to let their kids help in the kitchen, since the kids won't hurt themselves on the sharp lids.

This is available from Amazon for $16.20.

Absolutely LOVE this can opener. It's the ONLY one I will personally use when I'm cooking.

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