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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Logitech G230 Gaming Headset

Logitech G230 Gaming Headset

A pin drop. A bomb blast. Hear it all.
Games aren’t just about graphics. Sound completes the picture. Using 40 mm neodymium drivers, G230 delivers high-quality stereo sound to keep you immersed in your game from start to finish.

A soft touch for hardcore gaming
Marathon gaming sessions mean heat and sweat. We covered the G230 ear cups with carefully selected sports performance cloth for a comfortable, soft touch even after hours of use. And they slip off easily for washing to keep the headset in top shape.

Take a load off
Earpieces have been designed to be slim and light, without skimping on audio quality. A lighter, balanced assembly means you stay focused on the game. You might even forget you’re wearing a headset.

Sometimes silence is the winning move
When you want to be heard, you will be—loudly and clearly. The G230 noise-cancelling mic can be positioned to pick up your voice alone. Don’t feel like talking? Easily fold it up and out of the way.

Sound command, close at hand
Keep the mute switch and volume dial close at hand for quick, precise audio adjustments. All attached to an extra long, 2.3-meter cable.

Free-ranging flexibility
We know even twin gamers are one-of-a-kind. For a personalized fit, the earpieces swivel up to 90 degrees. And because they can turn to lay flat, they’re less prone to breakage from everyday wear and tear.
I don't consider myself a 'audiophile' by any means. When I use a headset, I just want something comfortable. I tend to wear my headsets a lot during the day, whether I'm watching my tech subscriptions on YouTube or I'm using YouTube as my personal radio station. So, I want something that is not going to hurt my ears.

So, when Mama Melissa bought her Alienware last year, she also picked up the Logitech G430 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset. She really liked them, so when I was in the market for a new headset, she recommended the 'little sister' to her set, the Logitech G230 Gaming Headset.

^^The Headset in the package^^

This seriously the absolute MOST comfortable headset I've ever owned. I can easily wear these for hours and my ears don't hurt at all. Depending on how warm it is outside, my ears may get a little sweaty, but that is expected. These ear cups are noise-cancelling, so they completely surround the ear. I also like the fact that the earcups twist to lay flat. That's a life-saving feature when trying to store them on a flat surface.

My favorite feature of this headset is the volume control right on the wire. Mama Melissa and I like to share music at night and while she likes her music louder, I prefer it at a more comfortable level. The volume control allows me to set my listening level to something lower, without having to tell Mama Melissa to lower the entire volume.

Speaking of the wire, it is WAY longer than I like. It's a 2.3 meter wire, which equals 7.5 feet. I realize that the wire is technically supposed to be that long, so it can reach a console while the player sits on the couch, and it DOES have a Velcro 'cable tie' for easy management. But for someone using this headset on their computer, especially a laptop, that long of a wire is really overkill.

But that's not my main problem with this headset...

^^The headphone plug wire beginning to fray^^

The wire isn't very 'heavy-duty.' About 6-8 months after I bought this headset, I noticed the wire covering has started to 'fray' or 'peel' away from the wiring. Thankfully, it does NOT affect the sound coming through the headset. I still have stereo sound in both ear cups.

Another issue I have is the microphone boom no longer stays up on its own. I'm not sure what happened to the mechanism, but I now have to tie it up with plastic twist ties to keep it up and out of my way. Otherwise it will repeatedly fall down into my face.

The earcups are supposed to me removable for washing purposes. However, I personally haven't figured out how to remove them.

There are 3 things I think most disabled people are going to have trouble with this headset are:
~if anything breaks on them
~the length of the wire
~removing the earcups to wash them
I like to think I have good dexterity in my hands, but I have a very difficult time shortening the wire and securing it with the Velcro 'cable tie.' I also had a tough time getting a plastic twist tie to slide in between the earcup and the actual headset to secure the microphone boom in an upright position. As I said above, I cannot figure out how to remove the earcups, so I think washing them is going to be out of the question for people who have their disabilities in their hands/arms.

This headset would make a great gift for the gaming newbie, who just wants a headset to be able to interact with his or her friends while gaming and doesn't need all the fancy bells and whistles of a $250+ gaming headset.

This is available from Amazon for $29.99 or from Logitech for $34.99.

Great headset for gaming, but not the sturdiest parts.

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