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Friday, November 24, 2017

Why I use Linux

Why I use Linux

So, about 13 months ago, I did a post about Windows 10. In that post, I said I use a Chromebook. I still have that Chromebook, and there's nothing wrong with it, but I have since moved my daily computing activities to a Linux distro, Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon.

So, why do I use Linux?

Mainly, it just fits my needs.

While I like Chrome OS, it just feels too restrictive for me. While I was using my Chromebook, I was forced to use Google Docs and Pixlr Editor for my blogging needs. They work for what they should, but I need more options. I need dedicated programs, like LibreOffice and GIMP. I also like the fact that these programs come pre-installed with Linux distros, unlike Windows or even Macs.

I also like my privacy. Because there are so many different distros of Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, Elementary OS, Manjaro, etc), there's no set 'owners' of the OS, so there's no one to 'phone home' to. This means MY stuff is MY stuff. MY programs are MY programs. The programmers of Linux Mint have NO clue what is on my system besides what they have included in the base of the OS.

I also like the fact that I can actually CHOOSE what updates I install. I have an issue with the 4.10 kernel and a 'USB Device Descriptor' error on the system this was written on, an ASUS X555YA laptop. Now, with Windows, I'd have to either
a. live with the error and HOPE my system will still boot.
b. hope Microsoft will push a patch that will fix the error.
c. google a fix on my own and hope I don't need to go into Regedit to fix it (because Regedit seriously frightens me)
d. Hope it was just a wonky install of something and do a complete reinstall of Windows.

But with Linux, I'm able to 'roll back' to an earlier kernel version and STAY there. In my case, I rolled back to Version 4.8.0-53 and my system works wonderfully. I don't have to worry about Linux Mint overriding my settings and FORCING me back to 4.10 (or even higher). I'm also able to choose what other updates I get with a simple checkmark, none of this 'You're getting all the updates and if it bricks your system, too bad.' garbage. I'm even able to choose what LEVEL of updates I get:

I have my settings set to 'Let me review sensitive updates,' which is what most users will want. I like this, because *I'M* in control.

I also like that 99% of the programs come from the Software Manager, which means they are safe and won't cause an issue with the system. It also means that the programs are added to the repository, so when I do my updates, I'm going to get updates to those programs as well.

But, the things I love about Linux the most is it's FREE and it's OPEN-SOURCE. I can customize it to my heart's desire and there's no restrictions. I'm not going to have a big conglomerate coming after me if I alter the code of the OS... if anything, it's actually encouraged! And you can't really beat the price tag! (Although, I do encourage all users to donate to the Linux projects... This helps the programmers survive. Man can only survive on so many ramen noodles!)

I've recommended Linux to all my friends; some have switched, some have not. But, with the exception of AAA gamers (and even that is questionable) or those that rely on certain programs, I can't really see a need for someone to stay on Windows.

Linux just works for me and my needs, and that's #WhyIUseLinux.

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