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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon creates The World's Finest® products to help millions of people make their home and personal lives better. You can have your own online boutique selling the latest trends in candles and home decor along side the advantages of a social selling system which provides the opportunity to make money doing business when, where and how you want.

Our winning community is here to help you be bold, take charge and change your life!
(ADMIN'S NOTE: I am going to try to keep this review on the topic of the candles, since I had issues with the company rep I dealt with, but I don't want the issues to influence this review)

I LOVE candles. They are just so calming to watch the flame flicker and dance, and the smell waifing through the house is just wonderful. I bought Mommy a lilac candle one year for Mother's day, and you'd think I gave her $1,000,000. Every time she'd burn it, it would fill the entire trailer with the scent of lilacs (and this was a 14x70 singlewide). I'd be in the back bedroom, where my computer was, and the scent was so strong, it was like I was burning it right on my desk.

So, when I approached a company rep about a review and he agreed, I was excited. We discussed the sizes, and by the messages I received, I expected to be reviewing medium sized candles.

So, I was a more than a little surprised when I opened the bubble mailer and saw these two tealight candles.

^^What I received^^
TOP: Caramel Pumpkin Kiss
BOTTOM: Sweet Pea

Now, I did not actually BURN these, since the tealight candles are encased in plastic holders, and I don't feel comfortable with burning the candles and the shell melting as well.

However, I actually didn't need to light them to enjoy the scent, which is a major plus to these candles. I set the Caramel Pumpkin Kiss candle out on the computer desk and the scent filled the room.

I have to say my favorite scent of the two was Sweet Pea. The pumpkin in the Caramel Pumpkin Kiss candle seemed to overpower the caramel scent, and it seemed to be a sickly sweet scent. With the Sweet Pea candle, while it was also a heavily scented candle, it was a nice flowery scent.

As with any candle, disabled people will want to be EXTREMELY careful with open flame, especially with the tealight varieties. The Mini size and larger sizes come in glass tumblers, with the wick INSIDE the tumbler, so there is a little more 'cushion' to them.

This is available from Gold Canyon Candles starting at $9.97 for the Mini sizes.

The larger sizes of these candles would be a great gift for the candle lover.

Wonderful scents that last for a long time
WOULD RECOMMEND: Yes, but not in the tealight size

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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