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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nature by Canus Goat Milk Soap

Nature by Canus Goat Milk Soap

Over 20 years ago, our laboratory developed a proven technique that transfers the benefits of fresh goat's milk to our goat milk soap products.

The company got its start in the extraordinary city of Montreal in the early 90’s when two friends decided that the world would be a whole lot softer if more people washed with soap made from fresh goat’s milk.
In just a few short years, our soap became one of the largest selling soaps in all of Canada. People across the country were discovering the amazing restorative benefits of goat’s milk, and our bars were flying off the shelves.
Now it’s America’s turn to experience the revolution. Our full line of fresh goat’s milk products are available online and in many major mass retail and drug store chains, supermarkets and specialty stores throughout North America.

Feel the glow with Nature™ by Canus
The first time I'd ever had Goat's milk was when I was well into my 20s and living in NY. It is seriously the BEST milk I'd ever had, but it is SO pricey. I noticed that when I did drink it, my acid reflux was calmer for WAY longer than when drinking cow's milk.

So, when I was approached to do a review for goat's milk soap, I readily said yes. If the goat's milk was making my insides happy, How happy could it make my outsides?

^^The three soaps I received^^

It just so happened that when it came time for me to review these, my dyshidrotic eczema on my hands decided to have a breakout/flareup, so I figured these would be a great test for them.

Olive Oil & Wheat Proteins Soap
We have extended the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk by adding olive oil and wheat protein, both known for their antioxidants and moisturizing properties. Olive oil nourishes the skin while wheat protein restores its natural elasticity. The combination results in skin that is more toned, yet hydrated and soft to the touch.
You will love the delicate, natural fragrance!

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished products not tested on animals

This soap was the top winner for the eczema treatment. The olive oil and the goat's milk gave my hands a calming effect and my fingertips were NOWHERE near as painful as usual. I didn't see too much of an impact from the wheat proteins.
The smell from this soap is INCREDIBLE. It reminds me of fresh baked bread with warmed olive oil for dipping.

Shea Butter Soap
Shea butter is a plant lipid that is recognized for its excellent emollient properties. This natural moisturizer aids in hydrating your skin and maintaining its natural elasticity. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, shea butter rejuvenates skin pores and tones the skin. Our shea butter will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and soft.
You will love the calming fragrance!

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished products not tested on animals

I didn't really feel like this had a good effect on the eczema... if anything, I think it made the flareup WORSE! It smells really nice, almost exactly like shea butter lotion and does leave my hands feeling softer, but it didn't really calm the prickly and sore feeling in my fingertips like the Olive Oil soap did.

Fragrance Free Soap 1.3 oz
Our fragrance-free soap is beneficial for those with extra sensitive skin. It delivers all the benefits of our original formula, without the scent. It’s ideal for people who love our fresh goat’s milk products but are sensitive to some ingredients.

~Free of parabens and phosphates
~No artificial colors
~Finished product not tested on animals

This soap was the second best one for my eczema. It did calm it, but not as well as the Olive Oil soap. It also didn't make it any worse, like the Shea Butter soap did. It kind of had the goat's milk scent to it, whereas the other two soaps had the scent of their ingredients. This one just had a clean, milky scent to it.

I really don't see a problem for disabled people using this soap. It's great for skin conditions and just overall skin health.

These soaps would make great stocking stuffers for anyone with a skin condition like dyshidrotic eczema.

This is available from The Nature by Canus website or Amazon Prices may vary by website.

Awesome soaps that leave your hands feeling soft and smooth!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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