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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Chewy.Blogger: Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Bacon Flavor Small Dog Chews


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With all the treats and table foods Chase gets, I worry he doesn't get enough vitamins in his diet. When I buy foods and treats, I try to make sure there are good vitamins and stuff he should have in them, But I know while table food has vitamins for us humans, they don't have the vitamins doggies need.

We DO have another vitamin for Chase, but it's in chewable pill form. He won't chew it up in that form, so we have to crush it into a powder and then mix it with peanut butter, then have him either lick it off the plastic spoon or our fingers... and that's a complete mess.

So, when I saw these as part of Chewy's blogger program in December 2017, I snagged them. I wanted something that would be easy to give to Chase, plus be in a flavor he loves.

^^what we received^^

Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Bacon Flavor Small Dog Chews
You’ll have no problems getting your puppy to eat his daily vitamins with the tasty flavor of Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Bacon Flavor Small Dog Chews. These chews are soft enough for pups of all ages to eat, and they’re scientifically formulated to keep them in peak condition. A carefully selected mix of vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and enzymes work together to help maintain your furry friend’s vision, bone, teeth, skin, brain and heart health.

Key Benefits
-Scientifically formulated and loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and enzymes
-Provides nutrients essential for healthy eyes, bones, teeth, skin, brain, and heart
-Helps maintain overall health and keep your pup in peak condition
-Formulated by veterinarians for small dogs under 30 pounds
-Bacon flavor makes administering to your dog easy and enjoyable

Sadly, Chase didn't really like these vitamins, and I'm not sure why. At first I thought it was the size, since they are a bit larger for his mouth, so we cut them into half. He still wasn't having any of them. We tried multiple days and it was still a no-go for him. I think it was because of the texture. He really doesn't like chewy treats, opting for jerky-style or crunchy treats.

^^actual shape of treat -- treat enlarged to show texture^^

The smell is of... well... bacon. But here's the thing, it's not your typical 'fresh bacon in the frying pan' smell. These have the smell of bacon bits or like Beggin' Strips... imitation bacon. Be warned if this smell nauseates you.

I really don't see disabled folks having a problem with these treats, except with the ziploc-style bag. If these need to be cut smaller for your pup, this may be a problem if knife use is a issue.

The Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Bacon Flavor Small Dog Chews are available at chewy.com for $13.00 a bag.

These were a flop for Chase, because of the texture of the product. I think if these were crunchy biscuits, he would have taken them.
WOULD RECOMMEND: Only if your pup likes chewy textures

**I AM A BLOGGER FOR CHEWY.COM As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**